About Safety Hacker

Thanks for the further interest. I was working 4 years in networks security, 2 years more as a application security consultant and 3 more years as just general security handyman. I saw lots of things that programmers do wrong, not because they do it on purpose but because they just don't know.
Today I have my own team of security experts / Hackers that work with me on helping and securing the web. I train and lead them to break and secure all systems.

Expertising in Java, C++ and all Web Languages they will hack, crack and break your systems and give you a full report on how to fix the holes you have.

We can help you by seeing stuff u don't see, Look at things from a different angle.
With the mind of a criminal and the heart of an angel I will lead your systems to safety Read More

Testimonials(See All)

"One of the smartest ppl i have ever known".
Itay Beeri, Owner, SC
"Rotem is a sharp security guy, one of the best pentesters there is."
Avi Douglen, Security Consultant
"Rotem is exceptionally talented security expert."
Eli Feigin, Team leader, IDF