Welcome Safety Hacker

Our goal is simple – To sweep the streets of the Internet and clean them of deliberate malicious activities.

Manned by highly professional and qualified "White Hat" hackers, led by Rotem Bar, our team is very much concerned about security issues over the Internet. We dedicate ourselves to protecting and securing your valuable virtual assets over the World Wide Web.

In this ever growing virtual society, certain things tend to repeat themselves. You pay hard earned money to a professional web development company, which build a very satisfying website. It contains all the information you want in a spectacular design, and you were given administrative rights over your content. In fact, you even purchased a Secure Socket Layer certificate so your customers are certain about your identity and you paid extra money to the ISP for Firewall services. But is your website really secured?

How much do you really care about securtiy?

In SafteyHacker.com we very much like to bump into "What if" questions. What if someone manages to break into your website database? What if they are able to steal valuable information about your customers?

In SafteyHacker.com we also like to ask about uncertain future events. What happens when your website goes off the grid? What are the financial impacts to your business? What would your customers think when their Credit Cards are stolen from your website?

In SafteyHacker.com we pay great attention to dire implications on your business. Dealing with security issues means protecting your reputation, protecting your sensitive information and deflecting unauthorized intrusions.

Are you secure?

Unfortunately, the answer is probably "no". Most websites developers today don't deal with detailed aspects of security. We do believe certain issues are automatically addressed (software updates for instance), however we also noticed that many vulnerabilities are usually not addressed at all.

You need to bear one thing in mind: When a hacker targets your website, he has all the time in the world. In terms of today's digital world, that’s enough to cripple most websites.

Should you panic?

SafteyHacker.com thinks you shouldn't - Read More

Testimonials(See All)

"One of the smartest ppl i have ever known".
Itay Beeri, Owner, SC
"Rotem is a sharp security guy, one of the best pentesters there is."
Avi Douglen, Security Consultant
"Rotem is exceptionally talented security expert."
Eli Feigin, Team leader, IDF